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Anonymous: Do you really feel that Officer Wilson, killed Michael Brown in some kind of racial anger? Had the police officer been black, would it have been different? Law enforcement is a privilege in the United States. We have to trust that they are using their best judgment and the officer felt he was protecting himself and doing his job. The riots for Brown are hypocritical, people are looting for African American equality?


Go educate yourself on (1) our country, and especially the south’s, deep seeded history with systemic and institutional racism - and then (2) go and educate yourself about connections between over-policing & overuse of police force in black neighborhoods, and, hell, (3) while you’re at it look at the Fergusun stop and arrest rate graphic that’s been floating around that reveals an established pattern of racial profiling within the Ferguson police department.

Bother to do these 3 things before coming in my inbox with ignorant, loaded and racist questions & implausible hypotheticals